Critical Alternatives 2015 conference, Aarhus, Denmark.

Just back from Aarhus (and a weekend in Copenhagen), it was the 2nd time I visit Denmark. I attended the Critical Alternatives conference, 2015 edition. This conference is special in two ways: first, it is held once every 10 years! And second, the type of work presented there is quite novel, visionary, and out of the box.

On Monday I participated in the Charting the next decades for VSD workshop. There was a short, 2-minute presentation for everyone as an introductory round in the morning, and afterward the workshop took the shape of workgroups of 4-5 people and a presentation afterwards. Discussions during the workshop were very insightful.

The Conference on Wednesday/Thursday had plenty of interesting talks, including the keynote by Telekommunisten, the talks in the session on privacy, and the discussion with Frider Nake for example. Notably, the conference dinner took place in the old Aarhus train station turned industrial space. Very artistic place to say the least. See photos of the conference below!

aarhus 2015 (60)