Journal Article: Electronic Partners for Improved Support of User Values

Currently writing my second journal article. This article highlights that location sharing apps, especially in the family domain, need to provide a better support for a certain set of domain-related user values (e.g. family security, friendship, social recognition, and independence). The article relies primarily on the series of  user studies at the day care centers, which I wrote about earlier here, here, and here. It picks up from the results of first paper which evaluated a social commitment model’s usability and usefulness, and goes on to show that location sharing apps augmented with such a model, i.e. “electronic partners”, can provide enhanced support for user values.

Journal article: “A social commitment model for location sharing applications in the family domain”.

Just submitted a journal article titled “A social commitment model for location sharing applications in the family domain”, to the International Journal of Human Computer Studies (IJHCS). In this article I discuss the creation of the social commitment model and lifecycle (see photo below), throughout the conception phase, evaluation through CCS, then the enhancement, creation of an alternative lifecycle, and then evaluation results using SWT.

Will update this post with a preliminary version once it’s been published. If you would like a copy already, leave a comment with your email.


Critical Alternatives 2015 conference, Aarhus, Denmark.

Just back from Aarhus (and a weekend in Copenhagen), it was the 2nd time I visit Denmark. I attended the Critical Alternatives conference, 2015 edition. This conference is special in two ways: first, it is held once every 10 years! And second, the type of work presented there is quite novel, visionary, and out of the box.

On Monday I participated in the Charting the next decades for VSD workshop. There was a short, 2-minute presentation for everyone as an introductory round in the morning, and afterward the workshop took the shape of workgroups of 4-5 people and a presentation afterwards. Discussions during the workshop were very insightful.

The Conference on Wednesday/Thursday had plenty of interesting talks, including the keynote by Telekommunisten, the talks in the session on privacy, and the discussion with Frider Nake for example. Notably, the conference dinner took place in the old Aarhus train station turned industrial space. Very artistic place to say the least. See photos of the conference below!

aarhus 2015 (60)

Paper accepted to Value-Sensitive Design workshop!

Got my paper “Effects of conflict resolution strategies in normative frameworks on user values: a proposed study” accepted at the Charting the Next Decade for Value-Sensitive Design workshop , which is going to be held in conjunction with the decennial conference on Critical Alternatives 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark. You can get the accepted paper here.

It will be very interesting to meet the VSD (value-sensitive design) enthusiasts from all over the world, especially from the University of Washington where it all originated more than 20 years ago. I will also be looking forward towards the feedback that I will get on my proposed conflict resolution user study.

Attending NordiCHI 2014, Helsinki

A workshop/demo paper of mine which discusses a proposed user study involving parents and children was accepted in the “Personal or Social?” workshop at NordiCHI 2014. I attended the whole conference, during the workshop workgroups were formed and solutions were discussed regarding setting up online communication platforms that encourage offline interaction. The conference had plenty of interesting talks, including a keynote by Don Norman himself! See photos below.

IMAG0504 IMAG0509 IMAG0517

Demo (and paper) accepted to UMAP 2014!

My demo (and included paper) “A Value-Sensitive Mobile Social Application for Families and Children” accepted for the 2014 UMAP (User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization) conference, which will be take place in the the Danish city of Aalborg in June.

I will be showing my app on the third day of the conference during the demos event, and conference participants will be able to try the fully functioning version. Looking forward for the experience!

App usability test

We have conducted a usability test using an implementation of the paper prototype on Participants in this test included 2 children (aged 7 and 8), 2 of the their parents, in addition to one more adult volunteer. The test took place in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, at a community center.

The test included 6 tasks that each participant had to perform. The tasks were:

  1. Add a user to your Family list.
  2. Remove a user from your Friends list.
  3. Enable sharing locations with the list “Family”.
  4. Perform a Check-in.
  5. Create an agreement (sharing with someone based on a location).
  6. Create an agreement (not receiving from someone based on a time).

In general, the test went pretty well. Most of the participants performed tasks without any wrong actions/clicks. One of the participants (a child) had some trouble finding the agreement menu. One of the adults had trouble constructing the first agreement, but not with the second.

UMAP 2013, Rome, Italy.

Was really amazing visiting Rome for UMAP. This was so far the coolest conference I attended! Small community where researchers know each other very well, and therefore it was quite easy getting to know the whole crew by the end of the week. Conference dinner was the most special part of it though, we were transported to Tivoli by bus, and the dinner included a special “country-based team singing competition” which I understood to be a yearly tradition.

But for now check out these amazing photos from Rome/Tivoli!

IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0358 IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0358

Paper prototype of the app!

Gotta admit it’s quite fun creating a mobile app prototype out of paper. Eventually, for the testing, I might switch to an electronic version using something like Balsamiq, especially if the required functions for that usability test were getting out of control (which appears to be rapidly happening). But for now at least, I will continue on paper and see how things will turn out in the next few days.

paper prototype snap

Paper accepted to UMAP 2013 Doctoral Consortium!

Got my paper “Socially Adaptive Electronic Partners for Socio-geographical Support” accepted for the doctoral consortium at 2013 UMAP (User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization) conference, which will be held at the Roma Tre University in June. Awesome!

It will be interesting as I will be assigned a “doctoral mentor” from another university, and get input on this document which is meant to give an overview of my research so far and how it needs to develop for the next 3 years.