Workshop on sustainable entrepreneurship

Participated in two-day a workshop offered by the Graduate School of TU Delft, and took place at the Yes!Delft incubator. Topics included business model generation, business canvas, team-building challenges, lean startup, success/failure stories, etc. Participants (all doctoral students at the TU Delft) were divided into teams of 4, and each team had to pick one of the research topics of the group members to try and turn it into a business idea.

Our team picked a topic that was quite far from what I do: building vegetation (the vertical type that can be attached to the outside of a house or a building), that saves energy, prolongs the life of the building, provides better isolation (and thus reduces energy costs) and cleans the air from certain harmful material.

It was quite interesting that, despite the fact the remaining team members had no experience on the topic, we were able to contribute quite well to the business model/canvas, gaining traction, and ideas for generating profit. See photos below! (Full of post-its).

IMAG0066 IMAG0063 IMAG0065

Following two master’s courses @TU Delft now

I’m now following two masters courses at TU Delft. It has been quite a long time since I actually took courses, so this feels a bit unusual. The two courses will last for two quarters each, or more like a whole semester in US college terms. So a course will provide my graduate school tally with 5 points (10 in total) and, well quite some hefty homework!

One of the two courses is called Intelligent User Experience Engineering (IUXE), a hybrid of of interaction design and HCI techniques, along with AI, and evaluation methods. The other is Empirical Research Methods (ERM), a course focused on teaching new researchers the knowledge and competence required for developing models, preparing experiments, and choosing and conducting statistical tests using software tools like SPSS or R.

The lectures in these courses (including audio!) are actually available on TU Delft’s OpenCourseWare, here (IUXE) and here (ERM).