Fully implemented app interface

Finally we have the app’s XML code for the interface implemented. Along with our programmer we both took part in implementing this interface. With android it can be quite tricky to create menus that update their contents interdependently, such as the Afspraken (agreements) menu, see photos. Must use runOnUiThread, which can be quite complex. Luckily StackOverflow is abundant with examples on that, like this one for example.

However, it is a still a very satisfying experience to have such a complex menu finally work flawlessly, while knowing that I’m being able to implement what is required in case we needed to change anything.

Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-54-13  Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-54-24  Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-54-40  Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-55-38

Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-56-00  Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-56-27  Screenshot_2014-05-13-08-57-12  Screenshot_2014-06-09-17-55-50

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