Cultural probes, an exploratory method

Well today we got back the cultural probing kits that we gave the families 3 weeks before. The kits (each) contained a polaroid camera with a film (20 photos), a map of the area, some pens in different colors and pencils, post it notes, random greeting cards, glue, and some other stuff. Well we were really pleasantly surprised with the material that the kids collected: they really do tell a story. Seeing the photos they took, what they wrote on the maps (with the help of their parents, I assume), as well as some of the other totally-out-of-the box stuff they did with the post its, glue, and some of their own stuff, really paints out a picture of their lives that you cannot get with words alone. It’s like an old school Facebook really, using physical photos and maps to share what your life is like. I really recommend this method for exploring and understanding key issues about a new domain you want to penetrate– be it for research or marketing purposes.

CP kit digitized kits snapshot


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